Lighthouse Studios
Lighthouse Studio is a non-profit organization that equips young people with the skills and confidence to tell their stories and build community through collaborative filmmaking. The seek to foster a community where the local young people can flourish as students, storytellers, and citizens.​​​​​​​
A website that will push their branding, showcase events and student work and increase donations.  
I served as the UX/UI design lead, seeing the project from initial kick off to full designs, partnered with UX content writer to make and contribute UX insights to strategic planning, create early visual designs and prototypes. I paired with another UX/UI designer during the initial design direction to workshop a collaborative branding direction for the site. 
User Journeys, Low Fidelity Wireframes, High Fidelity Wireframes, UI Designs
All project work completed while at Vibethink. 

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